, born in the last 60's with the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, has managed to reproduce the original recipes typical of the Veneto lands over the years.
Its production is especially dedicated to those who love the taste of the ancient traditions. Thus, it is still in the elite of the fresh food companies.
Mr. Severino Marogna, founder and administrator, says:
" is the result of my great passion for cooking, cultivated since childhood when I used to help my grandparents and my parents in running a family restaurant.
At first it was a simple laboratory designed to meet the customers of the immediate area, then it developed with the increase in requests coming from more distant areas.
Now we are able to cover the entire country, we guarantee the same quality of that time, thanks to the care used throughout all the stages of the production.
I check personally that my whole plant is designed to this end."
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